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ITWIIN’s Executive Board

ITWIIN’s Executive Board is composed by:

Presidente: Rita Assogna
President: Rita Assogna
Degree in Chemistry at University ‘La Sapienza’, Rome. She works in Munich, Germany, at the European Patent Office (EPO). She is founder and President of ITWIIN.
Vice-Presidente: Alessandra Fierabracci
Vice-President: Alessandra Fierabracci
Since 2001, Alessandra Fierabracci is Senior Scientist at the ‘Bambino Gesù’ Hospital, Rome. She received her degree in Medicine & Surgery at Pisa University, and the PhD in Immunology at London University. She long worked at London University as Lecturer, and at Pittsburgh University (USA) as Visiting Research Assistant Professor. In Reykjavik, Iceland, on September 2011, she has been awarded the title of "Best European Inventor" (‘Training’ section) for her studies on the pathogenesis of Type 1 diabetes.
Segretaria: Pamela Minasso
Secretary: Pamela Minasso
Degree in Biology at Cagliari University. At the University "La Sapienza" of Rome she held two postgraduate Masters, one in "Chemical Analysis and Quality Control", and the other in "Quality and Environment: competences and professionalism for the business management". At the ‘Universitas Mercatorum’ she has completed the Specialization Course, promoted by the Italian Ministries MISE and MIUR, on IPR Exploitation and Protection. She is enabled Biologist professional, and qualified teacher on Science and Mathematics in high schools. As technical-scientific Consultant, she has worked in the areas of food safety (HACCP) and pharmaceuticals (as product specialist), and has carried out technical support, research and analysis activities in projects aimed at analyzing largest-impact technologies in the following industrial sectors in Italy: biotechnology, petro-chemicals, chemistry, and pharmaceutical industry. She is teacher of Science and Mathematics at different high schools of Rome.
Tesoriera: Carla Laura Petruzzelli
Treasurer: Carla Laura Petruzzelli
Degrees in Business Sciences and in Economics & Management; specialized in Project Management, Fashion Management, and Business Administration in Italy, France, England and Principality of Monaco. She owns a business & tax consulting firm, and her interests are in project management for corporate development.
Consigliera: Giovanna Avellis
Councillor: Giovanna Avellis
With a degree in Computer Science at University of Bari, she is senior researcher in ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) at InnovaPuglia, in-house company of Apulia Region. She served the European Commission as independent expert project Evaluator and is included in the lists of Evaluators of regional innovation agencies. She is board member of MCFA (Marie Curie Fellows Association), where she founded m-WiSET, the “mobile Women in Science Engineering and Technology” working group. She is also board member of Marie Curie Alumni Association, where she founded GEMS, the “Gender Equality for Mobile Researchers in Science” working group, and is the current chair.
Consigliera: Elisabetta Durante
Councillor: Elisabetta Durante
Science journalist, UGIS member, chairman of the National Seminar of Physics, consultant to universities, agencies, research organizations, and companies. Expert on research-industry relations, she is author of numerous articles and interviews with Nobel Laureates and innovation actors. In 2002, she received a science journalism award by a jury chaired by the Nobel winner Dulbecco. She collaborates with ‘Il Sole 24Ore’ newspaper, and is the coordinator of DISTI (, the science information service awarded by the European Women Inventors and Innovators Network.
Consigliera: Ersilia Liguigli
Councillor: Ersilia Liguigli
She is technical examiner at the Italian Patent and Trademark Office. She holds a degree in Management Engineering, and a PhD in Industrial Production Systems, from the Polytechnic of Turin. Here, she worked as a research fellow, as well as visiting researcher at Portsmouth University, UK. She is Member of the Board of CORIPE Piedmont Research Center, Member of the Association of Professional Engineers of Rome, and collaborates with the Innovation Commission of the Association of Professional Engineers of Turin. She is also ex-officio Technical Consultant to the Court of Bari.